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Hour building aircraft available for hire from 7 days or more...


Like no other continent, Africa is brimming over with natural beauty unrivaled in variety and South Africa has the best to choose from of all

BLUE SKIES with excellent flying weather the whole year round

  Hole in the Wall


  Fly away to some of the most scenic places on the continent
Tar Runways Only   Lodge

We allow our aircraft to be operated to all destinations with tar or concrete strips

  See South Africa from a different perspective while building hours or simply having a break


Hire and Fly

  Our aircraft are well appointed to meet all of your flying needs.

Cherokee 180D



Type rated Pilots with 60 hours or more may hire the aircraft for 7 days from any Saturday morning and must return the aircraft by the following Saturday morning

Prior to starting your time building program, each pilot will receive an aircraft checkout totaling 1-2 hours of flight time to satisfy our insurance requirements. These 4 hours are included in the prices

Pilots will have sole use of the aircraft for the booked period

Pilots enrolled in our Time Building Packages are required to meet the daily flight minimums in order to complete the program in the specific time allotted. When enrolling for a time building package, we will provide a written agreement outlining the minimum daily flight requirements and suitable airfields

The optimal pace should be about 4 to 5 hours a day. Trying to do more than 5 hours a day would just be too exhausting for most people, any less than 4 hours a day is probably not maximizing your hour building opportunity.



Our rates are for dry lease only making your flying trip much more affordable. In other words, you get to choose the most cost efficient routes and airports.

At our home base, there are no landing fees nor parking fees to be paid should you wish to build your hours within range of our well situated airfield

Lower fuel prices

No approach and navigation fees

Excellent airplane rent rates

Situated close to VOR's, NDB's and nearby ILS facilities for all your IFR needs

Pay by cash, or bank transfer.  A deposit will be required prior to departure. This works the same as most rental car agreements.

When you sign up for a minimum block hour rate, you will be required to pay for that minimum time. You may fly in excess of the block hours at the same rate provided the flight time is within the same time period specified for the block hour rental agreement. The block hour rate applies to a 7, 14 or 21 day period and hours must be flown within that time period unless approval is granted for an extension due to mechanical or weather delays.

For block rates contact Peter at peter@dooley.co.za


Collect your aircraft from our well established facility at Heidelberg Airfield


RWY 06 24

Freq 125.90

Call 082 495 4031






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