My photography career

My journey into professional photography started years ago, when my father presented his old camera to the family. That day absolutely changed my life. Thanks, Dad

“So I began my photography career from nothing as a self-taught person. I have never been to any art school. I just got my first camera and started shooting everything that caught my eye. If you are truly passionate about something, you will definitely succeed.”

My family

I also come from a family who are all very talented in many different art forms. They are very artistic and have been involved in the arts for years either professionally or as a hobby or both. Our family also boasts professional photographers who have had many of their artistic photographic works published in various publications and used in advertising campaingns. 

Being inspired by their knowledge and experience, I have developed my own style and have learned how to convert your ideas into a set of amazing photos you will be proud of throughout your whole life.